Rainer Jürgens

I’m a designer focused on brand identities, logos, web, illustration, packaging and pretty much anything related to Communication Design.  

I knew that I wanted to become a designer while taking Turbo Pascal programming classes in high school. As my teacher asked for the code to produce sheets of data, I was more interested in how to display that data; what stylings and colors I could apply to the boring white on black content.

The realization that the way things are displayed makes something as boring as a spreadsheet look interesting and engaging was the initial step to a path that I have followed in my life.

I perceive the world around me with an eye for design, amazed at its beauty –in people, in trees, in the rocks and in the critters hiding under those rocks.

I’ve been very lucky to travel and work with various people from different countries and to experience first hand the richness in our many cultures.

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