Festival Abierto

Festival Abierto was born from a dream of living in Panama where its citizens are environmentally conscious, aware that their actions and their words have a concrete impact on the environment and that they are the only ones with the power to initiate actions that generate large changes in society.
To make this dream become a reality; educating Panamanians about the importance of protecting the environment for future generations and give them practical tools to perform daily positive actions and reduce their own ecological footprint; Festival Abierto resorted to three highly important vehicles of communication: Culture, Science and Education.


Festival Abierto had a Farmers Market present at each event to help promote and sell locally produced goods. To help sell these products label designs were made free of charge to improve the presentation. It was a total success as the farmers sold out their merchandise.


Festival Abierto motivated their attendees to use the logo as a template to display their own creative ideas and messages connected with the theme of each year. This was an opportunity to inspire through personal designs of what could be done with the logo. Hundreds of designs were submitted and displayed in their own exhibit stand for people to vote.


For the special launch invitations held in Panama’s Parque Omar a design was created where the back and closing of the envelope could be taken off to provide a wearable tree to display the support for the event.


In 2012-2013, Charlas Abiertas was an initiative sponsored by the US Embassy, with the participation of renowned international exhibitors in the fields of architecture, urban development and agriculture, among others. Through collaboration with City of Knowledge (Panama) Charlas Abiertas had ample space for these talks and thus a greater reach. All events were completely free and open to the public.


Design for LG and Burt's Bees Festival Stands.